Aviation Capital Ventures PLC is currently undertaking the long-awaited deliveries of electronic shares to our shareholders in exchange for the earlier distributed share certificates.
The delivery to our shareholders outside the UK is being undertaken by a third party engaged for the purpose.
As stated in earlier communication and in the information letter sent out it is now very important that every shareholder who has not yet either managed through their own banks or brokers to convert the share certificates to electronically registered shares or sent the original share certificates back to the company together with the duly signed and witnessed stock transfer form and the information sheet, to send back these documents to Aviation Capital Ventures PLC.
The reason for why this is being important is that once listed on the stock exchange the paper share certificates cannot be easily traded – it is only the electronic shares that will be easily tradeable.
We also advise the shareholders who are having their accounts with the securities brokers DeGiro or ING Diba to change to another bank or broker since these have declared that they are not taking on any share deliveries, either by the way of converting a share certificate or by delivery of electronic shares, prior to any listing.
If you have any inquiries on the above or would like to know which banks or brokers outside the UK that are handling the shares please send us an email on
We would also like to take the opportunity to advise you a shareholder that we within short will announce important news in relation to the time table for the planned listing as well as other important updates on the development of the company.